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In todays Mobile World there has been a lot of focus (and promotions) surrounding developing “androids”,  “iPhone” and “iPad” applications as of late and to prove my point open up any email which has ‘app’ or ‘iPhone’ in it’s subject and you are going to find more details about the latest “New” Android or I-Phone App which is about to set your World on fire. You certainly are not going to be able to bury your head in the sand for much longer if you happen to be an Internet Marketer.

At the beginning of the year one of my internet marketing Buddies “Chris Lang” of “Gadget MVP” proclaimed that mobile apps was one of the main markets he was targeting this year to make money in because he felt that this was going to be the “Big Idea” for marketing in the future, with website being used as the “Backend” of most “apps” rather than as the case today where the website is the entry point,  and the website then also being viewable through Mobile phones using various re-direct techniques.

This is one of the reasons why he (Chris Lang) invested heavily in his Gadget MVP system in late 2009 and throughout 2010  and 2011 developing and testing the system.

The focus as of late for many App developers has been on developing iPhone and iPad apps, but I am still sticking to my guns here and holding up a banner for “Android” as being the clear winner in the ensueing war which is sure to develope this year.

Yes, I know, every guru and his dog are screaming from the roof tops to hit the IOS market but let me share with you one sobering fact. Angry Birds is scheduled to hit the $1,000,000 a month mark this year from advertising alone… that’s right.  One million dollars a month and the bulk of that is coming from Android.

So now that I have set the scene here lets take a look at “Chris Lang’s” Mobile MVP. What exactly is it? and what is it going to do for you.

According to his sales page he makes the following brave statement:-

We don’t just make Mobile Apps, we make MVPs (Massive Viral Publishers)…..
Discover WHY You Should Quit Internet Marketing NOW and instead cozy up to your friends on their TVs, on their couches and in the palm of their hand with the LATEST Mobile Marketing Systems”

The Gadget MVP  is Mobile App which has 5 Major Functions

1. Gadget MVP is a mini web site for Android Phone
2. Gadget MVP is a mini website for i-phones
3. Gadget MVP creates and reads a Facebook page
   which automatically integrates to the gadget
4. Gadget MVP interacts with your Blog
5. Gadget MVP automatically integrates in to
   your "IGoogle"  webpage and reader

Because of all of these integrations and facilities Gadget MVP offers the Mobile Marketer a totally Unique way of  getting current and useful information displayed on the Mobile Phones of its users.

As an example here is a screen shot of one of these Gadget MVP  Mini Mobile websites which we here at AppAttract spotted when we did a search in the “Google Gadgets” site.

As you can see there is a full, but mini, website there, complete with tabs across the top for viewing the various elements of the site which are:-

Tab 1.
is a front page which displays 4 recent videos from
the Gadget MVP owners YouTube Channel
Tab 2.
is a “Blog” tab which when opened displays the Gadget
MVP Owners recent Blog entries in rotation.
Tab 3.
is a “Social” tab displaying the GadgetMVP owners
recent posts from his Social sites in rotation.
Tab 4.
is a “Discover” Link which displays information about
the owners business and links to his sites
Tab 5.
is “Alerts” which allows the Gadget Owner to send
Alerts to his users on new products or services
Tab 6.
is “Contact” which gives all of the details of how
to contact the Gadget Owner.

We spent some time checking out the the gadget above and we were extremely impressed with it. It is a fast browser and the links open up fast and all in the correct proportion for several Mobile phones we tested the Gadget on.

We can see why these Gadget MVP’s are becoming so popular and we see a great future for them. They offer a far better experience than a normal “Mobile Ready” website and the possibilities for its use are endless.

The owners of these gadgets can use them in many ways, but in the example above, a Real Estate Broker, it is possible for the gadget owner to send immediate offers to his clients, display New Listings and even make a short video for clients to view of the latests houses on their list, and all done in just a few minutes.

A truly amazing Gadget !

Good Luck Chris, we think you are going to be a very busy guy building these Gadgets

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