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216 X 54 Text Ad Block

Want to harness the power of Mobile Phone Advertising?

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YOU will be able to place advertising adverts on your Mobile App* or Mobile website in a similar style to the popular Google Adwords® style text ads, and also you will now be able add your own Banner Adverts to our Unique Mobile Phone Apps advertising Banner exchange.

AppAttract mobile App and mobile website adverts are extremely effective! Just take a look at our mobile ad exchange ads previews on this page.

Do you want to get in on this? You bet you do!
YOU will be able to Place advertising Adverts on your App or Mobile site in a similar style to the popular Google Adwords® style Ads.  AppAttract adverts are extremely effective!  Just take a look at our preview Above and to the Right.

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Recently we were helping to develop a mobile App for a client and, as a part of that brief, we were asked if we could include an exclusive advertising system over which he could control the advertising content AND the quality of the ads being served. When we asked what he had in mind he explained that a system he previously had in place (with another advert supplier who we cannot name here !!) was simply not fulfilling his requirements.

We thought it would be Easy!

We have been running our own successful and popular advertising sites for several years, and we thought we would be able to simply clone one of those, update it a little, and add it to his new mobile App.

After further discussions with our client and reviewing the options we had available, we decided to run a test and simply added one of our existing advert scripts to the new App. We immediately discovered that many of the features of our ad sites did not work properly on mobile phones, so we applied a few tweaks, which worked up to a point, but we finally came to the inevitable conclusion that it would probably be easier to start with a blank page and develop a completely new bespoke system which would be compatible with most Mobile Phone systems.

That’s when the fun started !!

We brought in our programmers and told them what we wanted to do, expecting this to be a fairly simple task for our guys, whom we considered to be some of the best code writers around.

We immediately discovered that Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites do not behave the same as a normal online websites for several reasons. In fact, every system we looked at proved to be incompatible or unsuitable for our needs in one way or another.

So it was back to the drawing board to check out further Options.

The System specifications we wanted were to included Text based advertising
blocks, and Widget style advertising specifically designed to work and fit on most Mobile Phone Apps and Mobile compatible Websites and Blog’s.

We also wanted the Adverts to be cross compliant so that the Adverts would appear across both platforms simultaneously because many users may not actually have an APP of their own but want ads to appear on other Peoples Apps and vice versa.

We spent several months testing and updating our system until we were satisfied that we could deliver a reliable system that matched our clients requirements exactly.
Eventually, after several miserable failed attempts, we discovered a method of advert delivery which actually worked.
We were pleased to discover that or final ‘Alpha’ tests worked flawlessly.

Confident in our new system we asked a few of our friends to “Beta” test it out for us. They were all extremely pleased with the simplicity and deliver. However, they soon started to request further improvements which they thought would make our already superb system even better. We did some further research and
started working on yet another Major update to the system.

After several Months development and final “Alpha” testing we once more passed out our newly updated package for “Beta” testing. This new system was a MAJOR UPGRADE as it now also included an

So we are pleased to announce the…

All NewAppAttract Mobile Ad and Banner Exchange!

An Example of

320 X 75
Widget Ad


What if we said that you could gain access to all of these features with a simple FREE Signup? Of course you’d be interested! YES. I certainly would!

Where can I sign up?

Right here of course ..

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We are sure that you would love to have access to a system that would allow
YOU to do ALL of  those things !

Here is how AppAttract can revolutionize YOUR Mobile Apps Marketing efforts right here and now…

Feature #1 AppAttract adverts can not be ignored!

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This is a Live Area Image. Each area is separated and clickable to simulate a working GadgetMVP on an Android phone

AppAttract ads are far more powerful than the average type of advertisments on other mobile networks because we designed our ads delivery and integration specifically for the Mobile Apps marketplace.

When an AppAttract advert is displayed, it earns you credits enabling your advert to be shown on other members apps or mobile devices. Because of this our credit system ensures that everyone in the network also shows their ads because they too want even more people to see their advert. Its a true Win-Win Ad Exchange !

Here is one of our ads in action on a Gadget MVP App Here

This is what Makes the AppAttract network so Attractive to its members. It becomes a Viral System all of its own, creating more and more Opportunities for your and other Members as the Network grows.


With our “tiered” style adverts credits system your ads will be seen more often than many other ad Networks. Yes, our system is 5 levels deep, which means that other members of the network who join from your referral link (which is placed on every single ad you display) will allow you to earn points at a rate equivalent to DOUBLE that of many regular advertising sites.  Most other ad exchanges are based on you having to show your ad twice to earn 1 credit for your ad to show on someone Else’s App or mobile site.  But our Unique 5 Level deep credit system means you earn credits from other peoples adverts also.  Its a Truly Unique Benefit of AppAttract Ads.

Feature #3

AppAttract adverts do not interfere with the sales process of your App or Mobile site.
AppAttract Adverts are only shown to targeted, interested prospects.  When you set up YOUR adverts, you can select a category from an extremely comprehensive list of site types. Your advert is guaranteed to only be shown to people from the categories you select to ensure that you earn maximum profits from your adverts.  Our system also incorporates sophisticated anti-fraud systems to guarantee that your advert is being seen by a real person each time, as apposed to a script surfing the net.

Additional Bonus!

AppAttract adverts also include YOUR referral link at the bottom of each of your advert Blocks and are embedded into the logo. This means that if anyone clicks on the bottom of your advert (and they will, early testing has shown an astounding click-thru percentage), YOU will get credit for the sign up. Your Down-line will simply grow and grow and grow! A truly Viral effect !

An Example of a
300 X 50
Text Style Ad

Feature #4

Your AppAttract advert Credits viral grow themselves, so the traffic you get grows virally and passively. The AppAttract system is a 5-level deep structure, for which you gain credits each time anyone in your entire down-line earns a credit (by having their Mobile site visited), which means that YOUR traffic credits will grow passively on their own.

Feature #5

You can be up and running with AppAttract for FREE in less than 60 seconds! No irksome signup methods. We designed AppAttract to be simple to join. You’ll be up and running with YOUR AppAttract advertising system ready to place on your App or Mobile Site in just 60 seconds if you start right now and follow each step we give you.

And don’t forget- we pay on paid signups many other Advertising sites do not!!

So put a stop to making money for other people from your efforts.

An Example of
300 X 75 Banner Ad

Plus +

We have put the most state of the art promotion tools together for you to grow your down-line and earn commission from Paid Signups, yes even if you are FREE member yourself, you will still be paid if someone your refer joins and upgrades before you do.

Double Plus++

This is a recurring commission which will give you a passive income !!

Sign up just 3 people who upgrade to a paid status and your own paid AppAttractmembership will not cost you anything !!

Here is a 300 X 50 Banner
rotating ad in Action
refresh the Page and a
new banner will appear

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